What contributes to a healthy skin


The skin is the largest organ on our body. Although we all love a healthy skin, some of us are disadvantaged because our day to day activities to make us neglect this most important part of the body. We get caught up in our busy lives by the time we notice a change in our skin texture and appearance; often it is too late. What are the key contributors to a clear, blemish free healthy looking skin? What can you do to improve your skin? To help you understand better, below, you will learn what contributes to healthy skin.

Healthy eating

dsfsfsdfsdfsdfsdfNothing can nourish your skin like a good diet. A diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy carbohydrates is likely to give you a healthy skin as opposed to a diet that is full of junk food. Thanks to the vitamins and essential minerals in a healthy diet that help improve our skin appearance from inside out. It is important to note that most skin breakouts are as a result of a poor diet that causes accumulation of fat deposits on the inner layer of the skin. Prolonged fat storage on the pores leads to skin breakouts like pimples.

Drinking plenty of water

Water is a natural cleanser. In fact, you are more likely to have a clear and blemish free skin if you increase your water intake by at least 30-40% from your normal intake. Water acts as a cleanser simply because it plays a vital role in flushing out toxins through urine and sweating. Through sweating, pores tend to ‘breathe’ by removing fat deposits which lead to pimples urinating, on the other hand, removes toxins out of the body promoting a generally healthy skin.

Sleeping well

Enough sleep has been linked to healthy skin. Just like any other large organ, the skin too can benefit significantly from a sound sleep. The skin undergoes renewal and regeneration on a daily basis, and nothing enables this natural process like quality sleep. Sleeping enables the skin to renew itself through the shedding of old skin cells and regeneration of new skin cells thus promoting a healthy skin that is clear and blemish free.

Proper skin care regime

fdhfdgdfgdfgdfgWith all things said above, for you to truly have a good skin then you must observe your day to day skin care habits. Things like the proper washing of the skin, applying a good moisturizer to nourish your skin and using sun protective creams to protect your skin from harsh conditions like the sunny, windy or cold seasons can all contribute to a healthy looking skin at all times. Skin that is not well taken care of is prone to breakouts, pigmentation, and blemishes. To help your skin be healthy and clear, take good care of it.

A healthy lifestyle

If you neither smoke, drink or indulge in any skin destructive behavior like not being active, then your skin is more likely to be healthy. Smoking causes premature skin aging. You are more likely to have wrinkles at a younger age if you smoke than if you are not smoking. So, choosing a healthier lifestyle is way better for your skin health than choosing not to live healthily.

Each one of us can have clear skin. It all depends on what we do on our daily basis. Regular exercises, eating healthy and taking care of you both physically and emotionally like avoiding stress can all make you have a healthy skin.

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